The oil

The Podere Nigriano Oil is made exclusively by olives from our own estate.

characteristics: fruity, deep green and light oil. On the nose elegent with hints of freshly cut herbs, artichoke and almond. The taste is light and balanced, with a hint of spice at the very end. It is deep green couloured to the eye.

main varieties: Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccino, Gargnà

growing area: Renzano, Salò

harvesting method: mechanical/facilitated

extraction method: three phases continous cycle  

uses: it is ideal to be used raw and with dishes which need a oil with a delicate taste, without covering the flavour. It is perfect with delicate dishes and flavours. To begin with main courses with shellfish, fresh or mature cheese, dishes with lake or sea fish. Our oil is ideal with cooked or raw vegetables.

Size: 0,50 litres and 3 litres