Environmental sustainability

Living “BIO” is our motto: we love and respect nature, that’s the reason why Agriturismo Podere Nigriano is built in full respect of the environment, paying attention to the use of natural materials with a low environmental impact. The design is refined and modern, following the principles of green building. Moreover, saving energy is one of our guideline, we have indeed adopted some important solutions, with benefits for the environment but also for our guests.

We adopt willingly these arrangements to put into practice our “BIO” choice, here some examples:

  • We channel rainwater and we use it to irrigate our garden and the orchard.
  • We do not water plants and fields during the hottest ours.
  • We have renovated the buildings following entirely green building.
  • We use strong energy saving LED bulbs.
  • Every location has a private heating system for a balanced use and it disposes of a energy saving system in absence of people; the lighting system of the garden is connected to a twilight switch and a motion sensor.
  • We follow the separate collection for waste and our aim is to reduct the use of plastic to the bare minimum.