Our “BIO” choice

We have chosen for our products the BIO certification, referring to the Europen Standard 2092/91, which gives the guide lines for every production with the organic method. This quality label is a guarantee for the customer to be sure to buy a product which is obtained, from the cultivation to the selling, with methods which respect the environment, its rhytm and without using chemical substances, which are going to become a problem in the long run.

Compared to labels like DOP or IGP, the BIO one guarantees the protection of biodiversity, of the environment and of health. It is the reason why we have made this choice. Everything starts from agriculture but it is reflected in every aspect of daily life in the agriturism and even our guests are involved, because by choosing us, they choose this life style for their holiday on Garda Lake.

The reason behind this choice

The impacts on the environment and on health are crystal clear. It has resulted from researches that the soil is more rich and fruitful than in conventional agriculture, without any decrease in the quantity of products obtained as many could argue instead. They don’t present any traces of chemical substances, which gives obviously many benefits for health.

The organic method teaches also to give attention to the insects world, because too often we forget that there are also “useful” insects rather than damaging insects. Butterflies, ladybugs and bees are indeed allies in improving the quality, respecting the environmental sustainability. They eliminate parasites and they help with pollinating. The result is better harvests and bloossoms.